Koh Larn beach view from boat

About Thai Owen

I am starting yet another adventure in life, and I have relocated to Thailand. I came here after Mexico chose not to convert my non-resident visa into a permanent resident visa, so goodbye Mexico, hello Thailand.

Owen Walcher - Koh Larn
Koh Larn Beach south of Pattaya

The most often question I am asked is “why Thailand?” to which I reply, why not? But seriously, when Mexico deported me, I knew I could not return to the United States of America, and wanted the tropical climate, so took a globe and started spinning it near the same latitude I was living in Mexico (actually moved a little closer to the equator, as I love the heat). As I got into Asia, my first obvious choices were the Philippines and Thailand.

Although the Philippines has a lot to offer, including a large population that speaks English and what is believed to be a love for Americans since we rescued them during WWII, all my research was coming up with words like dirty, dangerous, unfriendly to outsiders except in major metropolitan areas. Anybody who has gotten to re-know me since cancer understands my needs for rural areas with few people.

And then there is Scott, who used to work for me oh so many years ago, and he lives in Thailand with his lovely Thai wife and family, and he says “no visa required with USA passport. Just get on a plane, fly here, go to immigration and they will give you 30 days pass with no hassle.” So that is what I did. Fell in love with the place immediately, and within a week of the hotter climate, and spicier, much healthier food then they serve in Mexico, I was living without pain for the first time in seven years.

If you have endured pain for long periods in your life, you know how draining that can be. I used to need 12 hours sleep every night, a 2-3 hour nap most days, and often lost Thursday or Friday completely to sleep. Yeah, I would go to bed and not get up until two days later! All that pain slowly ebbed away, as did the morning bouts of nausea that used to keep me from eating before I self medicated every day. No more of that for me!

Two weeks in, and I was feeling like a new man, and decided this might make a place to settle down. Universe provides for me, and so I meet a lovely new friend who helps me though the immigration process, gets me all the paperwork I need, and helps me go process it. Although he is white (and most of you know I tend to go local wherever I live and not hang around white people), he speaks and understands Thai, and at one point the ladies at immigration said something he did not like, and he made a comment to them in Thai. They sat up straight, and all the sudden we were all best friends, my problems disappeared, and all my paperwork was pushed through with a minimum of extra grease.

I am now legal to stay in the country until September 2016, and see not reason they will not continue renewing the visa indefinitely! And unlike in Mexico where there are non-resident and resident visas, and I was screwed by Obama policies on immigration causing the Mexicans to decide to refuse anyone converting from one to the other, I should not have problems here renewing forever. If I do, you will be reading my new website from wherever I relocate to later in life from here!

So that is my story, and I am sticking to it!



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